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Anamorphic Glass is AMAZING

Let me start by saying - since the spawn of my desire to become anything short of a DP I have wanted an anamorphic setup - so when I got to use this SLR Magic Anamorphot for the first time I was pretty exceited/scared/confused. I didn't know if any of my lenses would have any of the qualifications (or what any were) to be used as a taking lens. But as magic would have it my old Sigma 30mm 1.4 had a 58mm filter thread - exactly what the male end of the anamorphot is. The anamorphot itself has a 77mm filter thread which was perfect since I have 77mm filters - wouldn't you know it.

Duel focusing isn't as difficult as people claim it to be - I'm in no way an expert focus puller but it's pretty straightforward after you've messed around with it. I even managed to get it balanced on my Zhiyun Crane 2! Super amazing results. All of this is from a GH4 + Speedbooster XL .64x + sigma + anamorphot. Sadly this setup doesn't work on the GH5's bigger sensor.

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