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GH5, V-LOG, Hyrbird Log Gamma, HDR, Future Proof

Just pulled the trigger on a GH5. While researching I'm learning all about HDR and these new color spaces for HDR and now I'll have to weigh the pros and cons of all these new modes. It's looking like some user at DVXUser has made a pretty cool LUT Conversion setup for treating this Hybrid Log Gamma like Alexa footage. I'll post some links --- super stoked on the GH5.

  • Anamorphic Glass is AMAZING

    Let me start by saying - since the spawn of my desire to become anything short of a DP I have wanted an anamorphic setup - so when I got to use this SLR Magic Anamorphot for the first time I was pretty exceited/scared/confused. I didn't know if any of my…

    dreamy and stretchy

    Going insane trying to figure out how I'm going to go through my first anamorphic buying process. I'm loving this anamorphot and it's probably the one I'll go with after I do some more tests with my GH5 but this la2700 seems like a super nice route…