Got a Ronin

One thing hindering my cinematography has been rigging and support systems - and most importantly - stabilization. I recently acquired a DJI Ronin M to conquer the stabilization issue once and for all. I'll be posting some test shots and sample work when I have time - I've still got weddings to edit, video work to color, and our wedding is in 29 days so that's not stressful at all.

Also pulled some pretty sick shots at one of Abby's wedding's I second shot at ---

Abby WeedenPortrait I grabbed of Abby at a wedding shoot at Houston Station in Nashville.

Squnto (sp?)

A buddy of mine puts together shows and needed some b-roll for some content so I drove up to Murfreesboro and shot for a couple hours. Didn't want the footage to go to waste so I mashed it up for your enjoyment. All shot on a GH4 + Speedbooster XL + 24-105L/Sigma 30mm 1.4 HSM. Graded in FilmConvert.

Oh, Hello

I've deleted everything off my web server in hopes of ultimately re-cataloging all my photos and videos online. I'm now working with a new platform from the guys at - if you're into internet stuff + photo/video/media stuff check it out - very cool.

I've not got to editing any footage I've filmed in the last few months so here's the last little bit of GH4 footage I filmed.

Photos from over the passed few months -

109 Hallway
Cummins Falls
Blue House Dining
Sara's Shop